Flame Finance
Unlike most other new farming exchanges, we started with both a large number of farms/pools and our own AMM. With all the essentials of a fully-functioning DEX laid out, we can now proceed to build many exciting and innovative features to continue incentivizing users to engage with our platform.


Farms and pools will start minting rewards at block 7988405. A countdown can be found here. The start-time is subject to change depending on how rapidly our community grows. Needless to say, you will all be informed of any changes! These are the steps we have planned in the near future. As we check items off this list, more will be added!
  • Lock up liquidity in dxVault and add Timelock.
  • Launch the project and begin advertising.
  • Apply for listings on CMC, CG, DappRadar, and so on.
  • Begin marketing campaign (poocoin ads, influencers, etc)
  • Onboard partner tokens (0XC and RX already onboarded) and provide them stoves and ovens.
  • Community Wars: Communities will be pitted against each other and those who win will get double the multipliers for their stoves and ovens.
  • Bring the burn-lottery system online.
  • Bring pools online (stake BLAZE to earn other tokens).
  • Begin development of layered farming (perpetually high APYs).
  • Begin development of black hole NFT marketplace for burning tokens. (Collaboration is already in place, official announcement coming soon).
  • And more...
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